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Jim (2015)

Devin Smith

Art as Intervention: Exhibition by Devin Smith    Location: Lower Gallery

Smith’s realistic style portraiture comes from extensive research, capturing human emotion. These striking portraits (oil painting on cardboard and wood) are displayed across our three venues throughout February at Norwich Theatre Royal, Norwich Playhouse and Stage Two.

Jim (2015)

In a similar attempt to use a portrait as an interactive method I painted Jim. Jim is one of the most kind-hearted and easy going people I have ever met. He became homeless after a long time drinking and having little support during the bereavement of his wife who he lost to ovarian cancer.

When he first started working for ‘The Big Issue he found it hard to speak to people, but his confidence has grown. People have got involved and even had his painting framed. Jim wants to raffle the painting to raise money to a charity which supports people with ovarian cancer.

also on display

Jane (Midge) 2016



1st February to 28th February

Sam Smyth

Sam Smyth

Sam is a Norwich based painter whose vibrant compositions explore colour interaction and geometric form.

Location: Playhouse Bar, Upper Gallery and Playroom

3rd February to 28th February

Gawain Godwin

Gawain Godwin

Gawain Godwin is a painter and printmaker, who is interested in the exploration of alternative or imagined worlds. Focusing on ideas of decay, regrowth, conflict and resolution, to produce unexpectedly positive, fragmented outcomes. 

Location: All spaces

3rd March to 31st March

Liam Painter

Liam Painter

My practice explores how shapes and patterns in architecture respond to different lived environments.

I experiment with a range of materials to create flags, and other objects that signify how subcultural groups reclaim and reinterpret space.

The process of creating my work is how I translate what is around me and the spaces that I engage with into a form that I can understand more clearly. I begin in sketchbooks, usually by cutting out small paper shapes that I later develop into larger pieces. These become the objects that I use to articulate my understanding of the spaces around me to other people. 


1st April to 30th April

Joni Smith

Joni Smith

Joni Smith enhances and re-imagines the perceptual mapping out of a landscape on paper, playfully using collage and cutting techniques to create new associations between different map locations.

Her paper constructions are perfectly re-formed on the page, knowing just how far to go in breaking down the satellite accuracy of GPS in modern map-making to open up potential for her alternate interpretation.

Impeccably handcrafted, Smiths work encompasses drawing, paper cutting, painting installation and sculpture. 


5th May to 31st May